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All stocks no lead time

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manholecovers stocks

As a direct importer and distributor of BMC/Polymer manhole covers, sewer and drain covers, trench covers, gully gratings and grids inlets, all our stocks are kept in our warehouse and ready to be delivered. There is NO LEAD TIME as long as the stocks are available and enough for the orders.

We may deliver the stocks in Johannesburg and Pretoria at a cost of fuel and e-toll, but only to the secure places. Free Delivery may be offered in East Rand depending upon the quantities of manhole covers, sewer and drain covers or gully gratings ordered and the distance from us. To other districts and cities, logistics or courier services can be organized at low costs. Please read Shipment for details.

Vehicles driving over tests

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Tests on Primus® medium duty manhole covers and gully gratings

ehicle test primus manhole cover

Although we prefer to call our product as BMC manhole cover, SABS named it Polymer concrete manhole cover. The word of "Concrete" usually misleads most of clients to think of cement. To prove the weight tolerance of our manhole covers, two medium duty 500x500x40s Primus® Bar (Gully Gratings) and Square manhole covers were applied for the tests by simply laying over the curbside and bricks and a one-ton pick-up was used to drive over and park on the covers while the photos were taken. No damage was found after the tests.

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Test on Wuzland® medium duty manhole covers

vehicle test wuzland manhole cover

A Wuzland® medium duty 50KN 600x600x40 square manhole cover was also tested for its weight tolerance by a sedan at the same way, no damage was found. Please be advised that our medium duty manhole covers have been classified into different types according to their load capacities for the recommended GVMs (Tons) of vihicles, they can only be installed in private driveway or parking places where the access of the overweight vehicles can be resisted by the owners of the properties.

Load capacity and vehicle gvm

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Cautions to select manhole covers installed on driveway, especially medium duty ones

ehicle test primus manhole cover

We received a complaint of our 700x700x45 M8 (medium duty for 8 tons GVM vehicles) installed on the driveway of a residential complex being damaged by a vehicle, fortunately the case was reported to us in time, and the vehicle was still on site. With our request the driver sent us pictures (above image) and we found the GVM of the truck is over 17 tons, and TARE is over 9 tons excluding a crane installed on the truck which could be 2 to 3 tons. Certainly the cover could not afford such weight. Clients should be in cautions when they select our medium duty manhole covers installed in the driveway as the overweight vehicles may access unexpectly.

Advantages of bmc manhole covers

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Less flexibility of polymer manhole covers

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less flexibility

Polymer or BMC manhole covers are composite products, unlike steel or cast iron ones, they are not as flexible as the metal. When the force applied to the steel and cast iron manhole covers is over their force resistance limit or load capacity, they may become bent before being broken, while in the same situation the polymer manhole covers will be broken straight away. Because of this property of less flexibility than the iron, a hammer can be used to knock chippings out of the edges of polymer manhole covers although as a whole they are strong enough to load dozens of tons vehicle. The certain strong "point force" caused by striking and crashing from other hard articles may damge the surface and edge of the polymer concrete manhole covers. Therefore moving, carrying and shipping of the polymer manhole covers has to be done with cautions, as well as lifting and closing of the covers. Installation of polymer manhole covers also needs to be done more strictly than the cast iron ones, especially in the heavy traffic places, such as filling stations.

However the damages mentioned above does NOT affect the working function of the polymer manhole covers, but incorrect installation may give rise to the serious damages of the manhole covers caused by vehicles.

Terms and conditions

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1. Afrasian Business is a distributor of PRIMUS® manhole covers in South Africa and has no legal relationship with Primus Trading (Pty) Ltd which was registered in South Africa.

2. Documents, specifications and figures of PRIMUS® and Wuzland® manhole covers, such as Weight, Vehicle Weight Tolerance, Load Capacity and Force Resistance, etc were provided by Primus Trading (Pty) Ltd or the manufacturers.

3. Five years replacement guarantee DO NOT cover the damages caused by malicious breaking, wrong purchase of lighter duty or smaller size covers by the client, and abnormal or improper installation of the manhole covers. No claim of any loss, damage and compensation would be lodged against Afrasian Business and the buyers, owners of the places to be installed or installers have full responsibilities to assess our products before purchase and to have the routine check-out of safety done, as well as the maintenance of surrounding concret of the manhole covers.

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allways online shopping

November 7, 2015


We can supply the manhole covers of which specifications and colors can be customized by the clients, the lead time is about 2 months, minimum quantities and deposit required. This rule is also applied to the order of our stocks which are unavailable or not enough for the order quantities.

allways online shopping

Updated 08 August, 2019


Although our medium duty manhole covers can be installed in the driveway, we still recommend avoiding to park the vehicle with the wheel right onto the cover for a long time, this could shorten the usage life of the manhole covers. In this case, 5 years replacement guarantee would not be applied should the manhole covers be damaged by the passing vehicles except the strong evidence is provided for the GVMs of such vehicles not being over the recommended load of the manhole covers.

allways online shopping

MARCH 1, 2015


It's very important to know the quality and actual load capacity of the manhole covers (not just the duty classes named) before purchase. The clients are advised to consult the seller for the details.