• A leading supplier of SABS or EN124 approved Polymer manhole covers in South Africa.

Wuzland® and Primus® Polymer Manhole Covers, Sewer and Drain Covers, Trench Covers, Gully Gratings and Grids Covers

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To place your order or request for quote (RFQ), please EMAIL US.

Instruction to complete the Order/RFQ form for Wuzland® and Primus® polymer concrete manhole covers, sewer and drain covers, trench covers, grids inlets and gully gratings

1. Name, company name may be used for formal quotation and shipment.

2. Email, please provide the correct one as we will reply the quote to it.

3. Telephone, it's important for the shipment.

4. Bank, we will provide our banking details of the same bank which you use to do the EFT payment so that the payment can be cleared immediately.

5. Delivery Address, we need this information to quote the cost of shipment or delivery. Pick-up can be filled in if you will pick up the order in our place.

6. Order/RFQ Details, simply copy the titles of the products (Product Codes) written under the images in our Products Page followed by the quantities. You may write other message to us here.

7. In order to send the message successfully, the question must be answered correctly and all blanks must be completed, any letters or numbers can be filled in if you don't want to provide certain information to us.

All Wuzland® and Primus® manhole covers, sewer or drain covers, and gully gratings are sold with 5 years replacement guarantee (Terms and Conditions applied) at very competitive prices. The prices quoted will be valid for 3 MONTHS. Please place your order or quote now!