• A leading supplier of SABS or EN124 approved Polymer manhole covers in South Africa.

Wuzland® and primus® manhole covers

Primus® Manhole Covers

Primus® Polymer manhole covers, sewer or drain covers and gully gratings or grids were manufactured by Primus Trading (Pty) Ltd. The manhole covers are made of BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) materials with metal frameworks and were SABS (SANS 1882:2003) and EN124 (EU standard) approved. Afrasian Business is the distributor of Primus® Manhole Covers in South Africa and African continent.

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Wuzland® Manhole Covers

Wuzland® Manhole Covers, sewer or drain covers, trench covers, gully gratings and grid inlets made of polymer, cast and ductile iron, and steel fiber reinforced concrete materials were EN124:2015 approved. EN124:1994 was recognized by SABS as SABS SANS50124:1994. Polymer manhole covers are still our main products due to their advantage of lower cost, lighter weight and non-recycability of no scraped value. Wuzland® is our own brand.

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Our business and company

Primus® Manhole Covers have been in South African market since 2007, and their BMC or Polymer manhole covers have been known and accepted gradually to replace the cast iron ones due to Their Advantages in the construction and civil engineering industries. With so many years of marketing experiences in the industries, we, Afrasian Business trading as Wuzland® and Primus® Manhole Covers, keeping the running stocks of over 100 types and 200 tons, are the leading supplier of Polymer Manhole Covers, Sewer Covers or Drain Covers and Gully Gratings or Grids Inlets in South Africa. Now we start to supply cast and ductile iron manhole covers, as well as concrete manhole covers reinforced by steel fiber.

Afrasian Business was registered in 1996 Johannesburg, South Africa. We are VAT registered vendor. We supply high cost performance manhole covers with competitive prices and the best services.

Featured products and services

Special Offers by Wuzland® and Primus® Manhole Covers

Delivery nationwide

Good news for small projects and private purchases

Courier service

Courier services are applied to deliver small manhole covers (usually less than 30 KG). Only R95 per item (not R85) is charged for the delivery to Gauteng and selected neighboring areas. We may give discount or share part of shipping cost for the order of large quantities to Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Petermaritzburg and East London, etc. There is NO LEAD TIME while stocks last. Quote us the shipping cost now!

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Special solution

Updated on 23 Aug, 2021
Lifting Holes Protector

The lifting holes in heavy polymer manhole covers (over 50 KG) may be worn and damaged gradually by metal lifting keys if they are opened frequently, this can be worsen by running vehicles, especially in heavy traffic areas. Our own designed protectors are now available. For some big and heavy covers, the prices include the protectors.

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SMC drawboxes, intersection boxes or chambers arrive.

The boxes are widely used in the distribution of electrical and fiber cables.

wuzland manhole covers SMC Boxes

With the advantage of light weight and high strength, as well as the feature of drilling holes easily for different connection, the SMC boxes or chambers usually work as intersection for the drainage or cables, instead of making the manholes with bricks and concrete mix, or precast concrete ones which are too heavy and take more time and cost to install. We have three types of sizes to select.

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New stocks arrival

30 November, 2021
Ductile/Cast Iron Gratings, Square and Retangular

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the shipment is seriously affected. Our ductile iron gratings finally arrive, please go to Products page - Ductile iron manhole covers for reviewing.

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Cast or Ductile Iron and Steel Fiber Reinforced Manhole Covers of EN124 C250 and D400

Now is ready to deliver

These heavy duty ones work well for the high traffic areas and big trucks.

SABS 9D Options

Our Cast and Ductile Iron Manhole Covers are smelted and casted by high technology, their strength, flexibility, plasticity and resistance to corrosion are much more better than grey iron ones, but lighter in weight.

Steel Fiber Reinforced Manhole Covers are made of concrete with the technological combination of steel fiber and steel framework which provides high strength and capability of impact resistance. Due to their features of lower cost and no scraped value, they can be another choice as polymer manhole covers for the replacement of cast iron ones.


18 March, 2019
Export to a neighbouring country

Our manhole covers were collected and sent to a neighbouring country today. Our products are priced at RANDS and quotes are valid at least 3 months. Clients from the neighbouring countries are welcome to request the quotes and take the advantage of the depreciation of RAND these weeks.

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Larger Sizes of Polymer Trench Covers and Gratings Now Available

Lighter Weight, Higher Load Capacity and Longer Lifespan than Concrete Covers

Larger Covers

Larger covers and gratings are usually installed by joining one of each other for the long trench and catchpit in the roadsides, bridges, workshops and some large projects, etc. FRP gratings are easy to be cut into required sizes.

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Headline News

23 June, 2018
The ordered covers arrived and collected in time.

The manhole covers ordered by the client had arrived and been collected in time. The deal was finalized within two months from the signing of the contract to the collecting of goods.