• A leading supplier of high quality BMC/Polymer manhole covers of SABS and EN124 approved in South Africa.

Wuzland® and primus® manhole covers

Primus® Manhole Covers

Primus® BMC/Polymer manhole covers, sewer or drain covers and gully gratings were manufactured and imported by Primus Trading (Pty) Ltd. The manhole covers are made of BMC (Bulk Molding Compounds) materials with metal frameworks and were SABS (SANS 1882:2003) and EN124:2015 (EU standard) approved. Afrasian Business is the distributor of Primus® Manhole Covers in South Africa and African continent.

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Wuzland® Manhole Covers

Wuzland® BMC/Polymer Manhole Covers, sewer or drain covers and gully gratings, our own OEM branded products were manufactured by selective quality controlled manufacturers and imported by Afrasian Business. The manhole covers were EN124:2015 (European Union Standard) approved, and reached the standard of SABS (SANS1882:2003) of which tests and assessment will be done in the near future.

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Our company

Primus® Manhole Covers have been in South African market since 2007, and the BMC/Polymer manhole covers have been known and accepted gradually to replace the cast iron ones due to Their Advantages in the construction and civil engineering industries. With so many years of marketing experiences in the industries, we, Afrasian Business become the leading supplier of BMC/Polymer Manhole Covers, Sewer Covers or Drain Covers and Gully Gratings in South Africa. Wuzland® Manhole Covers are our new OEM products imported by ourselves.

Afrasian Business was registered in 1996 Johannesburg, South Africa. We are VAT registered vendor. We supply high cost performance manhole covers with competitive prices as well as the best services.

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